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Integrating Strategy With BAU

Integrating Strategy with business as usual is the process of merging your new strategy into the organization so the way people work has strategy at the core of it. Strategy shouldn't happen on the side of 'business as usual', it should be your business as usual. To successfully integrate strategy with BAU, you need to instill proper strategy governance, gain strategy buy-in, and teach your people how to create their own team strategies so they fit into the larger organizational strategy & align. 

integrating strategy with business as usual

Instill Proper Strategy Governance

This section provides resources dedicated to helping you create processes and practices to ensure your strategy can be successfully implemented. Instilling proper strategy governance means your team understands how often you will meet to discuss strategy, the structure of the strategy meeting, who will give updates and present, as well as the creation of strategy report templates.

Business Dashboard

The Best Business Dashboard        

Blog Post   

Improve strategy implementation efforts by learning how to create a great business dashboard which reports on business strategy.

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How To Create A KPI Report + Template

Blog Post + Template

Learn how to create the perfect KPI report. We'll show you how to decide on the scope, reporting style and how to give commentary.

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How to create a Strategy Dashboard

5 Examples of How To Create A Strategy Dashboard

Blog Post

Learn how to create 5 different types of strategy dashboards, including a Board, Team, Public, Divisional and Personal Dashboard.

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How To Gain Strategy Buy-In

This section provides resources dedicated to helping you gain the buy-in needed to ensure successful strategy implementation. Depending on your strategy level, you may require buy-in from different groups of people in the organization to ensure your strategy succeeds, this includes leadership buy-in, team buy-in and board buy-in. 


How To Get Buy-In For Strategy 

Blog Post     

Learn how to influence the speed and rate of adoption of your new strategy using the diffusion's of innovation theory. 

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communicating strategy

Communicating A Strategic Plan: 5 Key Factors 

Blog Post

Learn how to successfully communicate a strategic plan with actionable steps in these 5 key areas of communication. 

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3 Steps To Launch & Communicate Your Strategy

Blog Post 

Learn in three simple steps how to communicate your new strategic plan with your organization.

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How to Implement Strategy So it Fit's Into Larger Organizational Strategy

This section provides resources dedicated to helping you create and implement personal, team or departmental strategy so that it's fit into the wider organizational strategy. Ensuring horizontal and vertical alignment are crucial to the success of your organization's strategy, this means from your people on the front line through to management, everyone's working towards a common goal. 


Strategic Alignment Benefits: Let's Actually Quantify The Value

Blog Post

Learn the value of implementing alignment in your business with strategy and the positive impacts it can have.

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Strategic Alignment Calculator                                                         


Use our free strategic alignment calculator to get a tangible idea of the ROI of implementing strategic alignment in your organization.

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Strategic Thinking: A Definitive Guide For Business                         

Blog Post

Learn four aspects of what strategic thinking encompasses and understand how to apply them to become a more strategic thinker.

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