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Refine & Accelerate

Refine & Accelerate is the process of researching and analyzing the environment an organization operates in, as well as the organization itself in order to inform the strategy formulation process. On this page you'll find resources to help you understand and complete a strategic analysis


Internal Analysis

This section provides resources dedicated to helping you understand your businesses internal environment. Everything from analyzing your resources, to your competencies, and competitive advantages. An internal analysis will help you get a better idea of where strengths and weaknesses lie which you have direct control over, and how you can use them to your advantage. 

internal analysis

Internal Analysis: Why Every Strategy Should Start With One

Blog Post

Learn the benefits of conducting an internal analysis before creating strategy. This post also details many of the tools you can use.

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Gap Analysis Guide                                                                                     

Blog Post 

Learn about the benefits of a Gap Analysis as well as how to conduct one with our complete guide and template.                    

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strategy evaluation

Strategy Evaluation - How To Do It Correctly                                       


Learn how to conduct a proper evaluation of your strategic plan and it's progress and results in order to better inform your next.

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External Analysis

This section provides resources dedicated to helping you research, analyze and understand the external environment your organization operates in and how these external factors impact your business. Most external factors are out of the direct control of organization's, however, improving your understanding of the impacts these factors have on your business will allow you to better prepare your business strategy to deal with them. 


Porter's 5 Force's: Find Your Strategy Focus                              


Learn about the forces shaping your organization's environment, how they'll impact you, and how to design your strategy. 

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Dodging Meteor Strikes

Dodging Meteor Strikes - Disruptive Trends that will Change Everything!


Learn about the new trends shaping our current and future business environment. From artifical intelligence to self driving cars and 5G.

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The Benefit's Of Applying The Stakeholder Theory                         

Blog Post

Learn about the stakeholder theory and gain a better understanding of your business and who you truly serve. 

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Strategic Analysis Tools

This section is dedicated to providing you with the best strategy analysis tools. We've created a bunch of templates, toolkits and guides for you to use through the process of researching and analyzing your organizations internal and external environment. 

VRIO Framework

VRIO Framework: Creating Sustained Competitive Advantage

Blog Post

Learn how to create sustainable competitive advantage using the VRIO framework. We explain what it is and how to use it.

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Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis Template                                                                               


Access our free gap analysis template and learn where your organization's shortfalls lie in terms of skills, resources, and people. 

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Ansoff Matrix

The Ansoff Matrix Helps Organizations Grow                     

Blog Post

Learn about a framework designed for organization's who want to move beyond business as usual. 

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Strategic Change

This section is dedicated to providing resources to help your organization during periods of change where you need to transition your strategy to one that better reflects the realities of the current environment, internal or external.  


Strategic Drift: How To Avoid Losing Competitive Advantage

Blog Post

Learn about some of the businesses that failed to adapt to realities of their environment, as well as what strategic drift is & how to avoid it.

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Change Management Strategy

Change Management Strategy          

Blog Post 

Learn about what a change management strategy is including the key elements as well as how to measure it's success. 

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Strategy Transition

Transitioning Your Strategic Plan                           

Blog Post

Learn the in's and out's of successfully transitioning from a current strategic plan to a new strategy.

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