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Strategy Formulation

Strategy Formulation is the process of actually creating your strategic plan. This requires understanding the strategy level you're creating strategy for, the strategy model your strategic plan will follow, best practice for each of the elements in your strategy model and any frameworks you wish to use to enable you to create a strategy that will truly help achieve your business goals.

strategy formulation

Strategy Levels

This section is dedicated to providing you with resources to help you understand the strategy level you are creating a strategic plan for. There are three key strategy levels - Corporate strategy, Business Strategy and Functional Strategy. Our resources will give you a solid guide for the different components that need to be taken into account for each strategy level. 

Strategy Levels

Strategy Levels And How To Apply Them In Your Business


Learn about the three different strategy levels and gain a better understanding of the key components of each level.

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Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy: The Four Key Components

Blog Post

Learn all about the corporate level of strategy and the key components that makes up this strategy level. 

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Business Level Strategy

How To Create A Winning Business level Strategy

Blog Post

Learn about business level strategy and the components involved in creating an effective one.

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Strategy Models

This section is dedicated to helping you understand and choose the perfect strategy model for your organizations strategic plan. There are various strategy models out there that have proven success in organizations such as OKRs or the Cascade Model. You may also like to mix and match elements and design your own model that fits your exact business needs. 

strategic planning models

Strategic Planning Models eBook: 3 Awesome Examples


Learn about what a strategy model is and three of the best strategy models out there to help you start creating your strategy.

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Elements of a Strategic Plan

The 5 Key Elements Of A Strategic Plan 

Blog Post

Learn about the 5 key elements that make up a great strategic plan. We explain each of the elements and how to create them. 

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Cascade Your OKR Software

Using Cascade As Your OKR Software

Blog Post

Learn about the OKR strategy model and how to apply the model using Cascade as your strategy platform. 

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Strategic Frameworks

This section is dedicated to helping you understand the various strategy frameworks available, the benefits and drawbacks of each and how you can start using your desired framework to achieve your strategy goals. 

best strategy frameworks

5 Of The Best Frameworks For Your Organization


Learn about 5 of the best strategy frameworks you can apply to your strategy to help you achieve your organizational goals

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Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis Template


Learn how to use the gap analysis to uncover possible gaps in your organization that will affect your implementation of strategy

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Implement the balanced scorecard

How To Implement The Balanced Scorecard 


Learn about the balanced scorecard framework and how to apply it to your strategy to help you achieve your goals. 

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How To Write A Strategic Plan

This section is dedicated to providing resources to help you write a strategic plan from scratch. This includes everything from writing a compelling vision statement all the way through to company values, strategic objectives, goals, KPIs and more. 

how to write a strategic plan

How To Write A Strategic Plan


Learn how to write a great strategic plan. We break down all the components needed for a great strategic plan. 

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straegic plan template

Strategic Plan Template


Start creating your strategic plan using our free strategy template. We guide you every step along the way till you have a great strategy.

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Strategic Planning Course

Video Course

Learn through our 3 day video course how to create a great strategic plan, so by the end of the three days you'll have your own strategy.

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Strategic Readiness 

This section is dedicated to helping you understand whether your strategic plan is ready for execution. When you finish creating your strategy, you may think you're ready to jump-in and start 'doing' the strategy. Commonly we find though, many strategic plans are missing key elements that leave them destined for issues down the track.


Where Do You Fit On Our Strategic Readiness Barometer        

Blog Post

Learn where you fit on our strategic readiness barometer to find out how ready your strategy and organization currently is to implement.

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business case thinking

How Business Case Thinking Improves Strategy Implementation

Blog Post

Learn how you can apply business case thinking to your strategic plan to ensure you're giving it the best chance of succeeding.

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Know Your Strategy Expectations, Or Expect To Fail

Blog Post

Learn how to manage expectations surrounding the benefits, costs, and follow through of your strategy to ensure successful implementation.

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