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Strategy Academy

Resources based on our strategy execution framework.

This resource has hundreds of assets based on our holistic strategic framework to help you learn about and execute strategy successfully. From strategic planning to implementation, we've got you covered. Our academy is broken up into the 5 segments of our framework.


Strategy Execution Framework


Make a Plan

Strategy Framework - Execute Every Day

Execute Every Day

Strategy Framework - Foster a Culture

Foster a Culture

Strategy Framework - Assess Performance

Assess Performance

Strategy Framework - Refine and Accelerate

Refine & Accelerate

Make a plan

Learn how to create a strategic plan, from choosing your strategy model, to creating each component of your plan as well as applying a strategy framework to help you achieve your goals.

Execute every day

Learn how to integrate your new strategic plan with business as usual. We cover everything from setting up your business KPIs to creating meeting and reporting process and structures.

Foster a Culture

Learn how to foster a growth culture within your organization. We cover how this positively impacts your strategic execution through better decision-making to increased innovation.

Assess Performance

Learn about evaluating the performance in your organization. Everything from measuring and evaluation strategy success to individual performance of employees.

Refine & Accelerate

Learn how to conduct research and analyze your organization + the environment it's operates in as well as how to use this information to inform your strategy.

Cascade is the perfect partner.

Cascade lets you easily create and launch your strategy any way you want. To give you some more information, here are the major features of Cascade, and how they work closely with our strategy execution framework.


Dashboards & Reports

Build strategic plans, coordinate tasks, and smash those goals.



How Cascade helps organisation align strategic goals across teams.


Cascade Maps

Cascade brings your apps together to achieve strategic clarity.



Build strategic plans, coordinate tasks, and smash those goals.


Projects & Goals

Cascade brings your apps together to achieve strategic clarity.



Track performance and direction in a clear and usable manner.